Anyone Else…? Beach Special

… agree that Calippos are by far the best treat for the beach because there are no drips! (They may end up with a just been tangoed orange face though).
…wear a hat on the beach to cover up sandy hair (that’s a result of them being buried by their offspring) rather than to protect them from the sun
… wear sunglasses on the beach to cover up dark circles rather than to shield their eyes. Isn’t it great how kids on holidays go to bed late but still get up early!
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Anyone Else…? Summer special


…have a child that has recently discovered his love for ice cubes – trouble is he wants them in everything – and that means none left for my weekend G&T!

…never remember how long sun lotion lasts and how long ago you opened the bottles

…put so much pressure on yourself to make the most of the sunshine you’re rushing around too much to actually enjoy it!

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Anyone Else…? Pt 39

anyone else

…feel like their child’s demand for snacks has got out of control. It’s the norm at dinner time but this morning he ate all the fruit off the top of his porridge, didn’t touch the actual porridge and then got down and started raiding the cupboards!

…grateful to Gary Barlow for admitting he didn’t wash his hair for 14 years. Makes me feel much better about not washing mine for three days…

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Anyone Else…? Pt 37 Winter Special!

anyone else winter special

…still debating whether to buy a coffee machine or not. It would be much more convenient, but the takeaway cups from Costa are so much cuter than my mugs at home!

…getting a bit confused as to whether it actually is Winter or not. In Ireland it is, in the UK it’s not. It’s like ‘the dress’ all over again.

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Anyone Else…? Pt 35

Anyone Else

…wondering which sport their toddler will be competing in at the 2032 Olympics? At the moment I’m thinking gymnastics…

…celebrating the fact that their kid can now dress themselves from head to toe whoop whoop! Now if he could just make his own dinner…

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