Anyone Else…? Pt 32

…think that the best thing to watch when you’re desperate for a night out is First Dates. A great reminder to be grateful for the fact that you’re snuggled up on the couch with your ‘date’.

…even more excited about the Bad Moms movie than you were about the first Sex and the City film – it looks hysterical! Definitely one to bring the wine along to!

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Anyone Else…? Pt 31

…find it hard to explain to their child that as much as they love their superheroes they’re too young to see the film (e.g Batman v Superman) at the cinema. Thank goodness for the Lego movies that are more suitable.

…wake up planning to get their energy boost from smoothies rather than coffee, but only last until 10am.

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Anyone Else…? Pt 30

…enjoy role playing with their toddler but sometimes find it a little bit embarrassing? For example when you’re in a Garda station organising your child’s passport and the little monkey calls you ‘She-Ra’ (from He-Man).

…think Adele should also add the ‘best celebrity mum’ award to her collection.

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Anyone Else…? Pt 28

…think that this bottle from Penneys/Primark sums up their favourite Saturday night tipple since they became a mum (especially when there’s no lie in the next day).

…started Spring cleaning with a vengeance! I should be finished by Easter…

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Anyone Else…? Pt 27

…buy biscuits that they’re not that bothered about so that they don’t get carried away and munch too many.

…not happy about being given a taste of their own medicine – I stubbed my toe on the table leg and was told by my toddler to ‘be more careful!’

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Anyone Else…? Pt 25

…love the fact that Pantone have released 2 official colours for 2016. Prepare to see Rose Quartz (a soft baby pink) and Serenity (a light powder blue) everywhere!

…taking the opportunity to take as many photos as possible in this gorgeous natural light we’re getting lately.

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