Anyone Else…? Pt 24

…decided that dry January is not happening! No alcohol for the most miserable time of the year???

…extremely excited about the prospect of snow next week! E has already decided that we’ll be making our own Olaf – unfortunately I don’t have Elsa’s skills to bring him to life…

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Anyone Else…? Pt 22

…still find it strange how your favourite magazines are wishing you happy new year when it’s still December.

…get annoyed when celebs say that one of their beauty secrets is making sure they take their make up off at Β night.

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Anyone Else…? Pt 21

…feeling horrendously guilty after doing a ‘Monica’ (Friends) by decorating one side of the tree with your toddler then turning it round and decorating the side that shows by yourself.

…find that all the batteries in their child’s toys seem to run out at the same time!

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Anyone Else…? Pt 18

…have a huge stack of books beside the bed, but always end up looking at their phone instead.

…come out of the cinema thinking that they didn’t enjoy the film, and only realise at a later date that they actually slept through half of it!

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Anyone Else…? Pt 17

…find themselves calling their sitting room the ‘play room’. I wonder why that could be…

…think that little white lies are harmless. My toddler has a new fondness for carrots after I explained that they will make him see in the dark!

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Anyone Else…? Pt 15

…going to make the jelly worms using drinking straws for Halloween. They look so revolting… Who will be brave enough to try one?

…find that every day their child decides that they absolutely have to find a certain toy and demands that you locate it in five minutes flat. The trouble is that when the toy in question is only an inch high; you’re talking needle in a haystack…

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