Goodnight Sweetheart

Goodnight sweetheart

You’d think considering that my son has just turned four that we’d have got the sleeping through the night stuff nailed…

Granted, we’ve moved on from the stage of rocking him for hours every evening, but do we get a full night’s sleep every night? No.

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All you need is… cardboard

all you need is cardboard

Newsflash: new research concludes that buying toys for kids at Christmas is a complete waste of time!

Last week I bought my husband a new pair of shoes (good wifey) and when my son returned from pre-school I showed them to him. I was hoping that he’d agree that I’d made a good choice, but in fact he paid no attention to them whatsoever.

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Our favourite Halloween story: Meg & Mog

our favourite Halloween story Meg and Mog

Who else enjoys reading the adventures of Meg, Mog, Owl and SUPERMAN?!

We read Meg and Mog this evening in an effort to get into the Halloween spirit. It’s been one of my son’s favourite books ever since he was a baby. He’s always been interested in anything spooky and the narrations are so bright and colourful they’ve always grabbed his attention.

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Walk The Line

Walk the line

Walks are relaxing aren’t they. Aren’t they?

I decided we should head out for a stroll yesterday afternoon thinking that we would come back refreshed and rejuvenated. Unfortunately, when we returned I was tense and ready to tear my hair out.

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First week of pre-school done!

First week of pre-school

Phew! We’ve done it! We’ve survived the first full week of pre-school! It’s a been a big change to our routine and we’ve come across a few hurdles but thankfully we haven’t tripped up yet.

The first challenge we’ve had is being up and out by 8:45am for five days in a row.

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Bye bye baby

Bye bye baby

That’s it. It’s official; I have a pre-schooler.

It’s the day that I’ve been both looking forward to and dreading for the last few months. Looking forward to because I’ll have an extra few hours to myself each day for blogging, writing and going to the gym amongst other things. Dreading because it means he’s definitely now a ‘big boy’.

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Are you baby ready?

Are you baby ready

I often get asked how you know when you’re ready to have a child. The truth is, you’re never ready. However, if you like being prepared then work your way through this (tongue-in-cheek) checklist…

1.       Set your alarm to go off every 3 hours during the night, hell why not pull an all-nighter

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