Anyone Else…? Pt 39

anyone else

…feel like their child’s demand for snacks has got out of control. It’s the norm at dinner time but this morning he ate all the fruit off the top of his porridge, didn’t touch the actual porridge and then got down and started raiding the cupboards!

…grateful to Gary Barlow for admitting he didn’t wash his hair for 14 years. Makes me feel much better about not washing mine for three days…

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Birthday fun at the Fun Factory

Picking a place to celebrate a birthday is tricky. Previously we’ve had E’s parties at home, but now he has his own little friends from pre-school we wanted to have it somewhere that they could all run around, have some yummy food and celebrate in style! Of course, hiring somewhere also means that it’s less work for the parents 😉

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Just keep wiping

Just keep wiping

‘Just keep swimming’ is the adorable Dory’s inspirational quote and although it can be helpful when you’re feeling like life’s got on top of you, I think it could be tweaked a little for mums.

To be honest, we’re not blue, we’re not fish and we don’t live in the sea. Let’s think of something that’s a bit more relevant. What do mums find themselves doing all day, every day…

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Goodnight Sweetheart

Goodnight sweetheart

You’d think considering that my son has just turned four that we’d have got the sleeping through the night stuff nailed…

Granted, we’ve moved on from the stage of rocking him for hours every evening, but do we get a full night’s sleep every night? No.

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All you need is… cardboard

all you need is cardboard

Newsflash: new research concludes that buying toys for kids at Christmas is a complete waste of time!

Last week I bought my husband a new pair of shoes (good wifey) and when my son returned from pre-school I showed them to him. I was hoping that he’d agree that I’d made a good choice, but in fact he paid no attention to them whatsoever.

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Anyone Else…? Pt 37 Winter Special!

anyone else winter special

…still debating whether to buy a coffee machine or not. It would be much more convenient, but the takeaway cups from Costa are so much cuter than my mugs at home!

…getting a bit confused as to whether it actually is Winter or not. In Ireland it is, in the UK it’s not. It’s like ‘the dress’ all over again.

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