Essie gel setter review

Essie Gel Setter is my product of the week as it's imply the best top coat I've ever tried!

My new product of the week is Essie Gel Setter!

This is a brand new nail product from Essie and I’m so impressed with the results. It can be used as a top coat over any Essie nail varnish and as well as making your nails look super shiny it also seals in the colour and makes it really long wearing (mums rejoice!)

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Clinique Moisture Surge CC Cream Review

Clinique Moisture Surge CC Cream

This is the star product in my make up routine and it’s also this week’s product of the week! Even if I don’t have time for anything else, once this is on I know that my skin is hydrated, minor blemishes are covered, and my colouring is even.

I love the fact that a little goes a long way and that it is so quick to apply simply using your fingertips. The product soaks in super quick and there is no greasy film left over. The all important SPF is included and it’s oil and fragrance free.

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Tangle Teezer Review

I love the witty slogan on the Tangle Teezer website that reads ‘Last night a hairbrush saved my life’. While this obviously isn’t meant to be taken literally I would agree that this hairbrush has dramatically changed my blow dries and that’s why it’s my product of the week!

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Aveeno Dermexa Review

Aveeno Dermexa

All of the products I’ve featured previously have been for mums however here’s a ‘product of the week’ for the little ones.

My toddler suffers with mild eczema however if we don’t use the correct products his symptoms get significantly worse.

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Cicaplast Levres Review

Cicaplast Levres

If you haven’t tried the La Roche-Posay brand before then you’re missing out. They have excellent products for people with sensitive skin (like me) and they have lots of scientific research to back up all their claims. Don’t let the complicated names for their products put you off!

After reviewing a luxury lip care previously, this week’s product of the week is Cicaplast Levres which retails at a very purse friendly €6.50.

As soon as we get into Autumn I notice that my lips and hands suddenly get much dryer and while I can slip a pair of gloves onto my hands I’d prefer not to have to go round with a scarf round my mouth.

Cicaplast Levres  is a barrier repairing balm that protects and replenishes the lips. While lipids and Panthenol act as barrier, Shea Butter is responsible for making them feel kissable again.

This product can be applied directly (the applicator is similar to a Juicy tube) but I then like to rub it in with my finger to make sure it soaks in fully. The effect is instantly comforting and it’s also a great base for lipstick.

Although the temperatures are dropping, there’s still lots of sunny days to be had (I’m feeling optimistic) so at least when we’re at the playground or kicking a football around I can keep this in my pocket and keep my lips from drying out.

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Idealia Skin Sleep Review

Vichy Idealia Skin Sleep

I was so excited when I first heard about Idealia Skin Sleep and I’ve made it this week’s product of the week!

This cream is the definition of ‘What Women Want’. If Vichy had invented this a few years ago it would have saved Mel Gibson a lot of hassle…

Most mums would agree that lack of sleep is the hardest part of having children but what we don’t think about is the effect it has on our skin. When we don’t get our 8 hours we are more prone to a whole list of nasties such as fine lines, dullness and irregular skin texture. So it seems that ‘beauty sleep’ is not a myth!

While there’s not much we can do about all the yawning we can go back to looking yummy again! This night product works by stimulating all the skin’s deep sleep mechanisms using a combination of 4 key ingredients; Hyaluronic acid, LHA, Vitamin B3 and mum’s best friend – caffeine.

I was impressed with the gel balm texture as although it’s jam packed with technology it’s still easily absorbed. Although I would sometimes stay clear of products with fragrance, Skin Sleep is suitable for sensitive skin.

The gorgeous pink packaging makes this a welcome addition to my dressing table and I love the way you can check your reflection on the mirror like surface on the lid. This night cream retails at €28 and joins the four other products in the Idealia range.

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Simple Soothing Eye Balm Review


I picked this this product up whilst walking through the airport last week. I needed a budget friendly option to bring on holiday that would hopefully reduce my under eye bags and shadows – one of the curses of motherhood… Even though my son is now two and a half and sleeping through the night (touch wood) the area around my eyes still makes me look like one of the seven dwarfs (aka Sleepy).

After using it every morning and night by patting it in until it’s absorbed as directed I’m really pleased with the results and have made it my product of the week. The puffiness and dark circles have definitely decreased and it was great timing as when you’re lounging by the beach and the pool you don’t want to applying loads of concealer.

Apparently it’s the vitamins that I have to thank for my new fresh look and these include Pro-Vitamin B5, Vitamin E, Jojoba Oil and Shea Butter. I also love the fact that there’s no perfume in it – I have sensitive eyes (as well as sensitive skin) and also wear contact lenses so the lack of irritation is essential.

In conclusion, although I was initially drawn to this product because of the great price point (€5.19 in Boots), I will definitely be re-purchasing as the results are as good if not better than luxury products I’ve tried.

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