A weekend away and our first trip to Tayto Park!

tayto park

You’re always asking for trouble when you don’t even think about packing until the morning you’re heading away. To be fair, we were only staying for one night so there was very little we needed, I think us mums like to pack for EVERY eventuality though!

Storm Brian was in full force as we were leaving so we all packed waterproof coats. I didn’t fancy us having to trail around Tayto Park in plastic ponchos!

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Tralee for the long weekend

tralee for the long weekend

We were due to set off for our weekend in Tralee first thing on Good Friday. As we were going to be away for Easter we decided that ‘Easter Bunny’ would come 2 days early. Unfortunately, the ‘bunny’ was a bit too enthusiastic about hiding the eggs and I, I mean bunny, 😉 fell flat on her back on the wet concrete! That meant the journey was put back a few hours so we didn’t set off until after lunch.

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Disney On Ice Presents Frozen Review

Disney on ice frozen

Last Saturday we were up bright and early to make our way to Citywest for ‘Disney On Ice Presents Frozen’. It felt a bit odd going to a performance in the morning and E was a bit confused ‘Will it be dark when it finishes?’ he asked. Well that would mean the performance would have lasted 6 hours so I sincerely hope not!

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Peppa Pig’s Surprise Review

peppa pigs surprise review

My little piglet had been counting down the days for ‘Peppa Pig’s Surprise’ for weeks so by Sunday he was literally snorting with excitement. (He has Daddy Pig’s oink nailed).

We arrived at the Olympia Theatre with plenty of time to spare (very unlike us) and made our way up the stairs of the ‘Circle’ entrance.

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Dublin Zoo Review

With The Lion King and The Jungle Book being two of E’s favourite films at the moment we decided that it was time to take another trip to Dublin Zoo to see his favourite animals in action.

Fortunately the Asian lion’s enclosure is located close to the entrance so this was our first stop. The male was striding proudly around near to the fence so we got very close, I’m just relieved he didn’t choose this moment to roar! I would have probably screamed far louder than any of the children if he had. E loved the fact that we also spotted ‘Simba’ playing and getting into mischief.

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