One Lovely Blog Award


Thank you so much to Stacey from the brilliant Mums Blind Love for my One Lovely Blog Award!

It’s great to meet all the other parent bloggers online and nominating each other for these awards is a great way to support each other and get to know each other better.

So here’s seven random facts about myself:

1. I studied English Lit at uni but these days I’m a much bigger fan of chick lit!

2. I moved from England to Ireland 11 years ago but there’s still no hint of an Irish accent.

3. I’ve just joined a gym for the first time and am loving the fact that I can cycle and read a book at the same time. (I think this probably means I’m not pushing myself very hard…)

4. I rediscovered my love for Aussie soap ‘Neighbours’ while I was on maternity leave and am still enjoying it (it’s so much lighter than Eastenders).

5. My first pop interview while I was writing for my uni magazine was ‘Wheatus’ and I found them lovely, they’re not ‘dirtbags’ at all!

6.  While on honeymoon we stopped off in L.A and I got to sit in the audience of the Jimmy Kimmel show and watch him interview David Beckham!

7. I’m obsessed with having a completely neutral decor in our house; the only room with any colour is my toddler’s. Of course he insisted on having it blue and the walls are covered with Thomas the Tank Engine stickers.



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Banana and oatmeal cookies recipe

This is a different post from the norm but after posting pics of these goodies on my FB page I’ve had a few requests for the recipe so here goes!

BTW when it comes to cooking I’m not so much ‘Can’t Cook Won’t Cook’ as ‘Can’t Cook, Literally CANNOT COOK’ so if I can make these anyone can.

So you need:

3 medium ripe bananas

1 cup of oats

A handful of raisins

Step 1: Mix and mash the bananas, oats and raisins together in a mixing bowl  so everything goes gooey.

Step 2: Grease a baking tray or grease some baking paper and place it on a tray (less washing up!)

Step 3: Spoon out approximately 8 dollops of mixture (you can do more if you want them to be smaller) and squash them into a vague circle shape.

Step 4: Stick them in the oven at approx 180C or 160C (fan assisted ovens) or Gas Mark 4 for about 12 minutes.

Step 5: Remove from the baking tray and place on a cooling rack.

Step 6: Enjoy!

P.S My toddler loves these and they’re perfect for when they’re looking for a treat; little do they know there’s nothing bad in them!

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Anyone Else…? Pt 7


…wondering why there’s a need for a ‘cool shot’ on hair dryers?? I’ve never used and it and neither has my hairdresser plus it’s so annoying when your finger touches against it!

…get frustrated by the fact that their child seems compelled to touch bins everywhere you go!

…too nervous to try Microsoft’s ‘How old’ app on themselves but quite happy to laugh at how all the celebrities got on.

…planning to use one suitcase for the whole family this holiday to avoid extra baggage charges. We might regret this…

…find that now they are a mother with a never ending pile of laundry to get through they are much less likely to hurl a top in the wash that they’ve only worn for a few hours.



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Story time was a bit of a ‘Blur’


When my husband returned from a shopping outing with my toddler yesterday afternoon he told me that E had a new favourite song. As well as nursery rhymes he also likes pop so I was expecting that maybe he’d chosen another song off the Taylor Swift album as normally it’s all about ‘Shake It Off’. Nope, his new favourite is ‘Song 2’ by Blur or as he calls it ‘Wahoo.’

For the half an hour before tea it was played on repeat and he was running around singing and dancing to it. In addition he demanded that every time they shouted ‘Wahoo’ we pick him up and throw him in the air. By tea time we were all exhausted.

He had his bath as normal but then it came to story time, we normally read him three books of his choice but tonight the only thing he was interested in was the ‘Wahoo’ book or more specifically the greatest hits album artwork.

We went through page by page and first he wanted to know the names of the band members so I told him ‘Damon is vocals, Graham is guitars, Alex is bass’ and then he stopped me. ‘Oh, I can’t see him very well… He has wet hair, he needs a hair cut.’


Lastly we came to ‘Dave who plays drums.’ E then replied ‘Oh I know him, he’s a Minion!’ For more explanation on this see my previous post Hello, I’m Dave

It was then time to move onto the song titles and lyrics and he requested that I sing ‘Song 2’! I don’t know what I’d been singing before but I definitely didn’t realise it started ‘I got my head checked/By a jumbo jet’.  Fortunately he didn’t want anymore of the verses after the first few lines and it was enough for me to just hum the tune and throw in a few Wahoos.

We flicked forward a few pages and while he loved the pictures of all the other album covers he was very put out that they weren’t in fact stickers. I could understand his confusion.


Forward another couple of pages to the band chilling out and he exclaimed ‘look Mama Alex got a haircut!’


Never a dull moment…


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Irish National Stud Review

Irish National Stud

As E’s grandparents were over for a couple of days we decided to make a trip to the Irish National Stud and Gardens in Kildare.  It’s nice to make an effort to do something different when we have visitors and I don’t think 2 days of chasing E around the play centre would have felt like much of a holiday…

The weather was a bit temperamental but we knew that was going to be the case. I’ve got a bit obsessed with the weather app on my iPhone so we were well prepared with waterproofs and sensible shoes.

When we paid for our tickets we were informed that there were newborn foals that we could go and see so with much anticipation we headed off to the stables.

I couldn’t believe that the foals were standing and walking within hours of being born; they show our children up considering that it normally takes them 12 months! They were absolutely adorable and E was thrilled that he got to stroke one.

We decided to head over to see the older foals frolicking in the fields however as with anywhere we walk with E he decided he was in no rush. On the way he got distracted by jumping up and down on a drain cover, riding his broomstick (any stick that is a good size has the potential to fly) and debating whether to throw his coin into the fountain (lots of other people had made wishes and dropped theirs in but he eventually decided that he couldn’t bare to part with his 5 cents).

Just before we reached the pasture we spotted the amazing new playground that the Irish National Stud has built. However as I’m a mean mummy I successfully managed to distract him so that  he didn’t notice it. The rain was on its way and I wanted him to enjoy seeing the horses rather than spend our precious few minutes left of the sunshine going up and down  a slide. Fortunately he loved watching them grazing and tentatively walking around and after a few minutes the first drops of rain fell.

It was a great excuse to check out the coffee shop and we relaxed with tea and scones until the sun came out again. It is unusual for E not to need his own snack but the scones were so big that he happily helped himself to large chunks off ours. He’s always so pleased when our days out involve a pit stop at a cafe and it’s no wonder why; it’s a chance to sample the baked goods as well as trying to entertain the other customers with his constant chattering and funny faces.

Next up was the Japanese Gardens and the first decision was whether to take the easy or difficult path. We decided on the easy one as we had the buggy with us (more so we could load it up with bags, drinks, umbrellas etc as there was no way E would stay in it). It was lovely wandering around looking at the pretty plants and features but we decided that we wanted more of a challenge. The buggy was abandoned and E went off on an ‘adventure’ with his Grandad exploring a cave, a little house and climbing the steps to get to the top of the ‘mountain.’ Though we didn’t let him near the stepping stones, I successfully conquered them and was pretty chuffed although a little traumatised… Yes the water’s shallow but it’s very fast moving!

Irish National Stud gardens

With all the excitement E was getting tired so we headed home, I’m sure he had some interesting dreams after all the excitement.

I’d highly recommend the Irish National Stud for a family day out, has anyone else been?



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Happy Birthday to me!

Well my birthday was Friday but I decided that rather than spending the day blogging I would actually relax and enjoy myself! Fortunately my husband had taken the day off otherwise it would have been a totally different story.

I wasn’t the only one celebrating a special day; my blog is also 3 months old yay!

Rather than give you a minute by minute breakdown that wouldn’t be fun for anyone apart from me I’ll summarise the best bits:

Date: Friday 8th May

Event: My birthday!

Weather: Torrential rain… which meant that shopping and yummy food were on the agenda!


1. A lie in with a yummy breakfast of scrambled eggs on toast (trying not to worry about the crumbs that I would be greeted with later)

2. Ripping open my presents with a lot of help from E (yes I did pick most of them myself but I still love having them wrapped!)

3. Hearing ‘Happy birthday to Mama’ every few minutes; in the restaurant whilst someone else was being sung to E decided to hijack it by singing to me at the top of his voice!

Favourite Gifts: A gorgeous fake leather jacket from H &M and a DKNY wallet

Food: Yummy lunch in an Italian restaurant, E loved it and I think he actually ate more than me! While we had two courses he had four! Dough balls, pizza, ice cream and his first babycino. Later we enjoyed a delicious slice of birthday chocolate cake each and E was grabbing the chocolates off the top before I’d even had a chance to blow out my candles!

Drinks: One glass of white wine with lunch and a couple more at our local that  evening; embarrassingly I now get tipsy on 2 drinks…

Music: My hubby bought me  Mumford & Sons new album so I had a quick listen to that in the car before E inevitably insisted we put on his nursery rhymes CD…

Funniest Moment: When I asked E if he was going to eat his peppers and he declared ‘They’re not Peppa’s they’re mine!’

Aren’t birthdays so different (but much more fun) with kids.

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Hello, I’m Dave

OMG my toddler had me in hysterics yesterday!

He is a big fan of the Minions and he has a ‘Dave’ toy that goes everywhere with him.

So, we had a plumber come round to service our boiler and his name just so happens to be …Dave. Of course we didn’t think anything of it at the time, he got to work and as with anyone else that comes to the house E was fascinated by him.

He decided to give us a running commentary on what Dave  was doing so we heard ‘he’s taken it off Mama’, ‘he’s banging it’ and ‘he’s cleaning it’. All pretty standard stuff. But then Dave’s phone rang.

Fortunately he took the call and didn’t hear what came next. E turned to me and said ‘the Minion’s phone rang!’ HUH?? I asked him again in case I’d misheard him and he’d actually said ‘the man’. Sure enough he repeated the exact same phrase! So in his little world all people called Dave are therefore Minions?

Dave then left to get a tool from his van and thank god he did because my husband and I were hysterical with laughter. It didn’t help that E then asked ‘where’s the Minion gone?’ in his innocent little voice. We could barely contain ourselves when Dave came back in.

As far as I know (and hope) Dave did not hear any of E’s little phrases and I’ m not sure what he’d have made of them if he did. Only trouble is we’re having someone else come to do more maintenance on the house tomorrow and guess what his name is?



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Anyone Else…? Pt 6


…worried about how to explain to their child that we eat the animals that we see at the farm? Will he enjoy eating his lamb once he knows it came from those woolly loveable little creatures?

…hate being first to the playground so they’re the one who has to wipe all the rainwater off the slide and swings to stop their child getting a wet bum.

…find that when they’re trying to show their child to eat correctly with their knife and fork they end up dropping food all over themselves…

…have no time to watch the soaps anymore, so they just read the synopsis of the episode on the planner and press delete. Keeps you in touch with what’s going on but takes 5 seconds instead of half an hour.

…really hoping that Kate and William pick a completely unusual name for their baby. What about ‘Kensington’, could work for a boy or girl?


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Liebster Award


Thanks to Dirty Nappy for the nomination!

Here goes!

1) Who was the first person to read your blog?

Well the first ‘Favourite’ I got was from @alicanavan, this was in response to her reading my favourite quote which I’ve also included in my Twitter bio ‘If evolution really works, how come mothers only have two hands?’ – Milton Berle. Love this!!

2) Describe your blog in three words?

Funny (I hope), lighthearted, easy reading (oops that’s 4)

3) When and where do you normally write your posts?

Nap time, on the couch, with a cup of tea.

4) Apple or android?

Apple (love the iPad even with it’s shattered screen)

5) Best or funniest parenting experience

Best – Christmas time! Even more fun when you have a child!

6) What/who inspires you?

All the other lovely mummy bloggers, especially those that meet for #mblogchat

7) How would you spend 1 million?

I’d go on holiday and have a think about it while lying on the beach sipping a cocktail!

8) Favourite blog this week:

Mummy Of Boy Girl Twins

I want to go to Blog Camp!

9) Did anything make you laugh today?

Last night my toddler was talking in his sleep and said ‘I want chocolate!’

10) What was the last book you read?

Gone Girl – much preferred the book to the film.

11) Random Fact about you!

My (now) husband and I met in Crete on holiday so it was a holiday romance! I moved over to live with him in Ireland a year later.





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Toddlers and coffee shops do not mix!


Of course I’ve been to coffee shops with my son before but the difference is we’ve always had company, be it family members, friends or my husband. As we were passing our local cafe yesterday I decide to give it a (single) shot. It looked so cosy and relaxing from the outside and we deserved a treat after a hectic morning.

Fortunately it wasn’t busy and there was only person ahead of us; if there’s one thing we have in common it’s our hatred of queues. However even one person still meant a short delay and this was enough for the boredom to kick in. It’s great that on the shelves in the corner there are a selection of brightly coloured wooden toys, the trouble is we couldn’t get over there quick enough.

When my son started giving out, the lady behind the counter helpfully suggested that he needed to learn some patience, erm if you wouldn’t mind just making up our order I’ll look after raising him thanks (I said in my head whilst grimacing).

With my cup of tea and a cake for us to share ready I then reached my predicament, do I push the buggy over to a table then leave him alone and come back for our tea and cake, do I bring our order over to the table and come back for him, or thirdly try and do it all in one go and risk spilling scalding liquid everywhere? Mother’s dilemma number 63. If the toys weren’t over the other side of the room we could have parked ourselves there and then but let’s not make this too easy… Thankfully, seeing the puzzled look on my face a member of staff (not Little Miss Know It All) picked up our order and offered to carry it to the table.  Oops, I also need a high chair! Fortunately they were conveniently located just a couple of metres away. Right we’re sorted, time to relax! Not.

‘Want that one, no want that one!’ With so many toys to choose from he was like a kid in a candy store, except he was a kid in a coffee shop, with a mother naively trying to have a rest.

With four toys stacked onto the tray of his high chair and his attention diverted I ploughed into the raspberry cake. It’s like when Ross says in reference to Monica in Friends ‘If you didn’t eat fast, you didn’t eat!’ That’s what it’s like for mothers with toddlers.

In fairness I didn’t want him on a sugar high and I needed the energy. It didn’t take long for him to notice what was going on and between us we finished it in three minutes flat. The thing is when toddlers finish their food they immediately want to get out and run around and I still had a steaming cup of tea in front of me. I really didn’t think this through…

Reluctantly I lifted him out of his chair and sat him on the sofa next to me. Next on the agenda, he wanted to check out the books on the shelf above the toys. I had no idea if they were meant to be display only but we were about to find out.

There was literature on fishing, cooking, rivers and calligraphy and not a Thomas The Tank Engine title in sight. These were definitely used to make the walls look more interesting rather than to help them compete with the library.

With three quarters of my tea in front of me still, I downed the remainder in one go. It was time to get out of here before we had to pay for any damages.

I’ll be back again, but on my own (it’ll just be a bit more boring).

Footnote: you may have noticed the photo is of a cappuccino where as I had a tea; believe me, I had no time to be taking pictures!

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