Backseat (baby) drivers


I’ve heard of backseat drivers but never come across the concept of backseat baby drivers before. My journey’s with my son have always been anything but boring but now they’ve taken a new turn (excuse the pun).

It all started with me having to provide an explanation as to why we have to stop traffic lights. ‘When the lights are red we have to stop, when they turn green we can go’ I explained. Now when we pull up in the usual manner, the exasperation behind me is clear ‘come on lights, go green!’ Unfortunately the lights seem to have a mind of their own and don’t respond well to being nagged…

When we get stuck behind a tractor I always hope that he might be fascinated enough with the vehicle itself not to notice that it’s slowing us down. ‘Look at the tractor I plead, it looks just like your toy one, isn’t it a nice colour!’ All I get in return is ‘come on, come on, come on’ in an increasingly high pitched tone.

The road isn’t the only place where speed is of the essence; the supermarket trolley is another wheeled vehicle that my son demands is driven with the dexterity of Jenson Button, I am becoming extremely deft at not stopping on our rounds at all and think I would have excelled on Supermarket Sweep.

However, my favourite has to be the ‘well done mummy’ I receive when I manage to park the car in a particularly tricky spot (I like to pretend I didn’t teach him to tell me that).



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Anyone Else…? Pt 1


…get exasperated by those pesky magazines that for some reason miss out page numbers, we may only have two mins free to read an article and one minute is spent trying to locate it!

…nod along pretending that you understand what someone’s saying but you’re not doing it to your mate in a noisy pub but to your mumbling toddler doing their best to put a new sentence together.

…blamed their child for their lateness only it wasn’t their fault at all; it was because you couldn’t bare to let yet another cup of tea go to waste.

…get back garden envy when they look out their upstairs window; while everyone else’s looks like something from Gardener’s World yours looks more like Bob the Builder started a job and forgot to finish it.

…already looking forward to Easter hoping their child will get lots of eggs from friends and family so that you can eat them all whilst explaining that they would rot their little one’s teeth.







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About Me

Stranger things

I started in February ’15 and was delighted to win a Silver Award for 2nd Best Parenting Blog at the Blog Awards Ireland in October ’15. In addition, I was a finalist in the ‘Best Blog Post’ and ‘Best Parenting Blog’ categories at the Blog Awards Ireland 2016.

I have a four year old boy (E) who I have to thank for being the inspiration behind my posts.

I have a degree in English Literature and diplomas in Journalism and Media and also Digital Marketing.

I’m currently a Parenting Columnist at The Irish Mirror and was previously a Staff Writer at and a columnist at The Kildare Nationalist. I have also written for, Maternity and Infant, Easy Parenting and contributed to the book ‘True To Life Parenthood’.

I was delighted to be asked to film a segment for RTEjr in December ’16:

If you’re an editor looking for content, please drop me an email.


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