Are you baby ready?

Are you baby ready

I often get asked how you know when you’re ready to have a child. The truth is, you’re never ready. However, if you like being prepared then work your way through this (tongue-in-cheek) checklist…

1.       Set your alarm to go off every 3 hours during the night, hell why not pull an all-nighter

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Leave mums out of music classes

Music classes

They’re the words that every mother dreads ‘Now all the mums can join in!’

I’ve been taking E along to music classes for the last couple of years and while it’s a great opportunity for him to learn about different sounds, rhythms etc it’s also a great opportunity for me to sit down and have a hot drink while someone else entertains him.

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Anyone Else…? Pt 35

Anyone Else

…wondering which sport their toddler will be competing in at the 2032 Olympics? At the moment I’m thinking gymnastics…

…celebrating the fact that their kid can now dress themselves from head to toe whoop whoop! Now if he could just make his own dinner…

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Bad mom alert!

Bad mom alert

Bad mom alert! We have a new family activity that we’ve been enjoying every weekend and it doesn’t involve any fresh air or exercise (unless you can class air conditioning as fresh air and reaching into a bag of popcorn as exercise…)

I don’t know about anyone else but when we wake up (early) on a Saturday morning our main objective is to get out of the house without doing anything too strenuous.

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Toy (horror) Story

Toy horror story

It all started off well, we had a toy we needed to return due to it breaking within seconds of taking it out of the packaging (not the first time this has happened) and that meant we could basically buy something that would cost me nothing – win, win.

We were both excited as we hopped in the car and drove off, singing along happily to the radio.

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The Fall

The Fall

Kids are smart and as they get older they come up with more and more inventive ways to get what they want. My son’s latest attempt to twist my arm involved some ‘play-acting’ which was impressive, but unsuccessful…

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10 reasons parents will be relieved when the heatwave’s over


It’s great that we’re having a heatwave – right? Wrong! When you’re a parent it just makes life even more complicated…

  1. It’s bad enough that the sun takes so long to go down but when it’s hot too? Can’t sleep, won’t sleep!
  2. You’d think that the good weather would mean less muddy footprints. Unfortunately, once you throw a paddling pool into the mix your floor will resemble a swamp.
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Like mother, like son?

Like mother like son

Like any other mother-to-be I used to daydream about what my baby was going to look like. What characteristics would he inherit? Would he get my dark hair and hazel eyes or my husband’s blonde hair and blue eyes? Secretly I was hoping that he would look more like my husband, partly because he was a boy and partly because I think you always want what you don’t have. I find my dark hair and eyes quite boring so I love the idea of having a child with the opposite.

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The one where I stole a toy from a child…


Yesterday I stole a toy from a child…

It wasn’t my child and it definitely wasn’t my toy but never the less it ended up in my handbag…

We arranged to meet a friend and her children yesterday morning at the local play centre. I always find it better to go with someone you know as time doesn’t creep along at such an excruciatingly slow pace.

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