A weekend away and our first trip to Tayto Park!

tayto park

You’re always asking for trouble when you don’t even think about packing until the morning you’re heading away. To be fair, we were only staying for one night so there was very little we needed, I think us mums like to pack for EVERY eventuality though!

Storm Brian was in full force as we were leaving so we all packed waterproof coats. I didn’t fancy us having to trail around Tayto Park in plastic ponchos!

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Disney On Ice Presents Frozen Review

Disney on ice frozen

Last Saturday we were up bright and early to make our way to Citywest for ‘Disney On Ice Presents Frozen’. It felt a bit odd going to a performance in the morning and E was a bit confused ‘Will it be dark when it finishes?’ he asked. Well that would mean the performance would have lasted 6 hours so I sincerely hope not!

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Dermablend 3D versus Dream Velvet

Dermablend 3D versus Dream Velvet

It’s all about the base! I’m putting Vichy Dermablend 3D and Maybelline Dream Velvet to the test, so read on to find out which foundation is my product of the week!

Vichy Dermablend has been around for 30 years but this new formula claims to completely cover blemishes with one layer and even improve the skin’s condition.

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L’Oreal Paris Studio Pro Review

L'Oreal Paris Studio Pro

The L’Oreal Paris Studio Pro styling range is now dressed in luminous yellow packaging and all the formulas have been updated. I’ve been enjoying putting three of the products in the range to the test!

Sleek It is an ultra smoothing cream, Boost It is a volumising mousse and Lock It is a fixing hairspray.

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Revidox+ Review


Revidox+ is my new product of the week!

We’re always hearing you’re only as old as you feel, however in terms of age we actually have two different ones. Our biological age is the actual ageing of our cells and our chronological age is the number of years we’ve been alive.

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